Betta Home

TANK SIZE I would personally recommend a 20 litre tank. You may think it’s big, but having the space can allow you to add some smaller fish to give your Betta company 😃. If you don’t want any other fish, I wouldn’t go with anything smaller than 10L. Trust me people, this is important. Your new friend will live a long and happy life with the extra space. Fish need exercise too but can’t do that in a teeny tiny 3L tank.

DECORATIONS Of course your Betta wants something pretty to look at!

Betta fish love variety. So purchase a few decorations that you can swap out to keep your Betta stimulated. They also love to hide and explore. I have several hollow decorations which Lorcan can swim through and hide in. Create lots of hiding spaces for you fish, it will make him feel more comfortable. I would definitely recommend a hammock, your Betta will love it! (I have two in my tank). I try to swap out the decorations or even change up the tank dynamics on a regular basis. Honestly, Lorcan gets really excited exploring knew places.

*when purchasing decorations keep in mind your betta’s fins, they are very delicate. Buy smooth decorations and if you want hollow, ensure there is plenty of space for your betta to swim through.

TANK ACCESSORIES You definitely need a filter for your tank. This will allow longer periods in between water changes. With a filter, I change my water every 4 weeks. With small tanks without a filter, you will need to do weekly water changes, and who has time for that? When doing water changes, ensure you only change 20% of the water. You will also need a heater for your fish. Betta’s are tropical fish and need their water to be heated to around 26 degrees Celsius (79F).

When purchasing my tank, it came with a light, 3 stage filter and a submerged heater. You can also purchase heating mats but I prefer the submerged heater. (I have used both).

*my tank: blue planet 20L, purchased from PetStock*


What better fish than a Betta fish! 🐠

Lorcan’s first day

Deciding to add a fish to my daily life wasn’t that hard. However, you should never purchase any pet without doing your research. Fish count as pets too! 🐠

I knew I wanted to get a fish and I decided on one to start. And what better fish than a Betta fish! At this point I was very misguided and thought a small tank and a single fish would be easy. Oh boy was I wrong…

So many fish to choose from but I was very careful. I picked Lorcan because he was the most active in his tiny little space they call a tank. Movement is key people! This means your fish is happy 🙂

The pet stores have these small 3-5L tanks for sale advertised as the “perfect home for Betta’s”. If anyone is considering getting a Betta fish please, PLEASE do NOT get one of these tanks. This is the worst thing you can do for your little guy. This also includes housing your Betta in a jar or vase. If you want your Betta to thrive they need plenty of space. Just think, how would you feel if you were put in a tiny room for the rest of your life? Depressing right? 😞

Unfortunately I got sucked into the idea of a small tank and I let my Betta live in a 3L tank for three months😢 This ends up being more work as you cannot put a filter in a tank that size and so, are left with weekly water changes. Still think it’s a good idea?

(Don’t worry, Lorcan is happily swimming in his 20L tank as I type☺️)

Look out for my next post about tank conditions and how I set up my first tank!

Betta fish: Day One, Lorcan’s Log

Meet my Betta fish Lorcan!

Lorcan is a Crowntail Betta with a dark red colouring on his fins and tail while his body sports a nude pastel tone with a metallic hue when he is extremely healthy and happy. He has little webbing on his fins so they become quite spikey, giving the name Crowntail. My little Betta has a very outgoing personality and is not at all shy! He loves to interact with you and will always come out to say hello.

Lorcan lives in a 20L tank with bright coloured plants and a hammock (yes, a hammock) for him to rest at the top of the tank. Betta fish have a labyrinth organ that allows them to breathe directly from the surface of the water. But staying that high can be tiring for the little guys so the hammock makes it easier for them.

Betta fish are traditionally found in rice paddy puddles in Thailand, but have been through extensive breeding to get the popular house hold fish of today. Despite what you may have heard, Betta fish (or Siamese fighting fish) thrive in larger tanks and can even be put with other fish!

Yes the stories are true about male Betta fish attacking other males and even some female Betta’s but even fish need company right? Little tetra fish are great companions for a Betta and can also liven up your tank, but more on that later.

If you ever want some fish, a Betta is the way to go. They can be fun to play with and are just plain beautiful.